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About Fi-Tech

Your Complete Source for Industrial Machinery & Spare Parts

We represent primarily European-based, Nonwoven, Synthetic Fiber, and Perforating machinery and equipment manufacturers. We also serve the NAFTA countries and maintain a spare parts inventory for many of the companies we represent.






Corporate History


In February 2015, Fi-Tech celebrated our 43rd Anniversary as manufacturers' rep and distribution firm serving the Synthetic Fibers and Polymer Industries.  Looking back, our company and team have come a long way since those first years.  In 1972, Lee Bassett started Fi-Tech as a one person company and hit the road selling for a local machine shop and a fabrication shop.  Not only was he successful in selling, but Lee was successful in attracting new principals along the way.  The Synthetic Fiber Industry was booming in North America with significant growth in all areas.  Our portfolio of products grew to include many major European machine builders and components suppliers. Fi-Tech began to build our reputation as the premiere agent and distributor for mainly European based suppliers for equipment and components.

With our proximity to the US Tobacco Industry, Lee leveraged past relationships to begin distributing components used by the Tobacco Industry in the late 1970s.  This allowed Fi-Tech to diversify forming a second leg on which the company could grow.  The company always focused on reinvesting in the operations quickly adding additional salesmen and support staff to the operations.  In 1980, Fi-Tech built a new office/warehouse facility.  With this new facility in place, Fi-Tech was poised to take advantage of new opportunities for growth.  With the Synthetic Fiber and Polymer Industry business well established, the company began selling into the Nonwoven Industry.  In 1983, Fi-Tech began promoting the Reicofil® spunbond technology in N. America.  Throughout the 1980s, Fi-Tech hired additional team members and added additional products and services to support the explosive growth of nonwoven fabric production in N. America.

In 1989, Lee’s sons, Todd Bassett and Jeff Bassett, joined the business as salesmen.  With the recession of the early 1990s taking a toll on machinery sales, the Fi-Tech team took the chance to grow our spare parts and components business.  It has always been Fi-Tech’s goal to bring OEM spare parts and top quality components to the industries we served.  This meant purchasing in a variety of European currencies, importing the products into the US and selling throughout N. America in US Dollars thus giving our principals easy access to our market and making it very easy for our customers to benefit from the high quality components and European technology.  By managing the supply chain from beginning to end, Fi-Tech has been able to offer these high end products at very competitive prices.

In order to better serve our growing business in Mexico, Fi-Tech opened our first office in Mexico in 1995.  Today, this operation has grown to 7 people and now operates out of an 8000 square foot office/warehouse building in San Luis Potosi, SLP Mexico.  Fi-Tech de Mexico SA de CV represents many of the same companies as Fi-Tech, Inc. USA, but has also added other principals for their home market.

While continuing to serve the Synthetic Fiber, Polymer, Nonwoven and Tobacco Industries throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s (yes we all survived Y2K!), Fi-Tech established our first operations in the United Kingdom forming, Fi-Tech Europe, Ltd.  This company allowed us to better serve some of our UK based principals.  More importantly, this UK base allowed Fi-Tech to plan for further growth which came along in 2002 with our first acquisition, Arkote, Ltd. of Sheffield, England.  Arkote remains an important part of the Fi-Tech group today operating from a modern facility in Sheffield.

In 2005, Fi-Tech established a presence in our 5th market segment, Perforating.  Working with several key principals, Fi-Tech offered equipment, components and services to companies processing films, foils, papers, and various other substrates used in a variety of industries and applications including aerospace, acoustics, wall coverings, cinema screens and automotive.

Together with our partner, Uwe Gaedike, Fi-Tech made our second major acquisition buying Enka Tecnica from the Oerlikon Group.  Over the next several years, Enka Tecnica grew, taking a greater market share of the global spinneret market.  The company moved into a new facility in Heinsberg, Germany and in 2014 began construction of another new facility near Leipzig, Germany to replace the nearby Groebzig factory.  In early 2015, the decision was made to sell Enka Tecnica to our long time business partner, The Reifenhäuser Group.

Another big move for Fi-Tech in 2014/2015 has been our growth into the Converting, Technical Textile and Textile Industries.  Through growth in responsibilities with some of our existing principals, adding new principals and taking over the activities of another agency, Fi-Tech established a strong presence in these new markets.  We have since added to our team to support this growth.

In 2015, Fi-Tech initiated a project to build a new home for our N. America operations.  We are building a new 17,000 square foot facility.  This new facility will improve our work flow and interaction among our team and will give us far more flexibility with our warehouse operations.  We plan to move into this purpose built facility during the summer of 2016.

We've grown and diversified throughout the years and now, as one of the oldest and largest rep firms in the industry, we represent the most technologically advanced manufacturers in the Synthetic Fibers, Nonwovens, Perforating, and Tobacco Industries.

In 1995, following the establishment of the NAFTA Free Trade Zone, we opened a satellite office in Mexico. This office continues to grow to serve the expanding market in Mexico and Latin America.